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Centbee creates easy Bitcoin off-ramp

Gambling with Bitcoin is in fact pretty easy; but the winning player might not be entirely sure how they can cash in on that jackpot. Centbee, a popular Bitcoin SV wallet, has made it much easier for some customers to do just that, now providing a bank withdrawal option.

The Johannesburg, South Africa-based company announced their new off-ramp in a tweet:


Centbee co-founder Angus brown says the feature came as a result of customer feedback, and brings the company closer to being a one-stop shop for financial needs. “The launch of cash withdrawals to a bank account expands that nicely,” Angus told our sister site, CoinGeek.

The transfers to bank accounts are conducted in South African rand, and are limited to select countries for the moment. Angus noted though that the company plans to expand in the near future. “Our next focus is international, and we plan to enable purchase of BSV from bank cards in most major markets in the next few months,” he said. “We are already fully BIP-270 compliant, so global customers can spend their BSV at any online merchant that is enabled.”

Centbee is serious about being a platform for all sorts of payments, opening up other possibilities for gamblers to put their winnings to good use. In June, the company announced payment options for all sorts of South African utilities.


Angus expects more coming in this area too. “We expect that capability to grow exponentially as merchants realise how easy and cheap it is to receive BSV payments. The silver lining from the sad COVID-19 pandemic is the spectacular growth in eCommerce and QR payments, setting the stage for BSV,” Angus said.

As Centbee continues to expand their services and provide real utility for Bitcoin users, it’s also creating a prospective future for Bitcoin gambling companies. Customers can easily withdraw their funds at any time, so there’s no fear of getting locked in, and they can load their wallet for all sorts of uses. Why not pay the play a little bit of slots after the phone bill is paid?

That future is coming soon, but gambling operators need to get ready for it by preparing now. You can check out our Bitcoin for Gambling section to see lots of great resources on how you can prepare your operation, and all the benefits you’ll see from it, now and long term.

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