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Centbee as a Cold Wallet

Centbee can act as a cold wallet by following these steps:

  • Create a Centbee Wallet
  • Write down your 12 word phrase and 4 digit PIN.
  • Save your Receive Address and take a screenshot of the QR code and print it out.
  • In Centbee Settings select the RESET Wallet option.

You will now have a cold wallet with an Address that you can deposit coins into.

Any time you want to deposit coins scan the printed QR code and send coins to it.

If you want to retrieve your coins use the RESET Wallet option in Centbee Settings again and insert your Cold Wallet 12 words and PIN.

Hot Wallet for Spending

You can then create another wallet with a different set of words and PIN to use as your hot wallet.

It is easy to switch between wallets by resetting Centbee and using the set of 12 words and PIN of the wallet you want to use.

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